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Sophie's Quest - Sonja Anderson

Review by DonDiggy age 10. 

It's a really, really good book: there are lots of adventures, good characters and friendship in it. I liked the way you visit lots of different places with Sophie and Timley and find out about the places and the people there. I hope that there's going to be another book because I can't wait to read it!

Just One More Summer - Julie McGowan

Bewildered, hurt, and looking for a new start Allie escapes her London life, and soon-to-be ex-husband, and hides out in Cornwall, a place of childhood happiness. But her nostalgia is interupted by Marsha, and her group of strange misfits. Allie is drawn into their group by their friendship and intense joie de vive. But nothing is quite as it seems, not in Cornwall or London or in her family. It may well be Marsha who unexpected holds the keys to the answers Allie wants.


KATIE FFORDE: ‘Full of warmth & wisdom. I loved the dry wit and writing style. Poignant, funny & realistic. A book for today’s women, easy to relate to & meaningful. I was very impressed.’

A book you won't want to pass by

Don't Pass Me by - Julie McGowan

Well written, with characters you can connect with – or hate depending on who they are! Difficult subjects to read are written carefully, and the courage, emotion, and determination of Lydia and and the evacuees comes shining through.

thoughtful, and thought provoking

Going Astray - Christine Moore

Christine Moore does a good job of drawing us into her characters world. I must admit, I wanted to slap Laura at first because she seemed so resigned to her life, so passive! But as circumstances spiral out of control she finds an inner steel: to plan, to escape, and to make some heart rending decisions for herself and her family.

Don't Pass Me by - Julie McGowan

Interesting topics and interesting characters well handled.  The war is not an easy setting for a book, but the balance was right here for me.  No glorifying  or voyeurism of war or the other subjects covered in the book...and some aren't easy subjects. And a very satisfying ending!

Just One More Summer - Julie McGowan

This is a great book.  Well paced, characters you love ( or hate), but connect with straight away, good storyline that reveals what is hidden as it flows to keep you right there with the characters. Not a 'fluffy romance', and I'm glad about that.  The characters and situations were real and colourful.

Bridge to Nowhere - Stephanie Parker McKean

Better than the first one.